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Providing Clothing and Coats for Klein ISD Families


What We Do

Helping Students

In these hard economic times there are thousands of individuals in our very own community that are without a warm winter coat. Leanne Donelson started the Claus Project to help support our local schools and community members in need. In Klein ISD district there are over 44,000 kids in this district alone. We provide warm coats to families around our community and surrounding schools free of charge. Plain and simple. The Claus Project wants to help families live productive and healthy lives year round.

Collaboration with Klein ISD  enables us to deliver warmth & happiness to children, teens, and adults in need.  We work locally with sponsors, partnersand community members looking to give back.  

  • Claus Project addresses an immediate and critical need for warm coats and clothing to Local Students.

  • Our coats are leveraged to go beyond warmth and strengthen relationships between our partners and their communities by facilitating positive outcomes that aid in the breakdown of dependence on long-term assistance.

  • Through our work, Claus Project- advocates for awareness of the impact of poverty on families and communities, and demonstrates how even one person can make a positive difference in the life of a student in need.

    Leanne Donelson with a donated coat for Klein ISD Schools. 

    Leanne Donelson with a donated coat for Klein ISD Schools. 

Please bring your gently worn or new winter coats, hats and gloves to any of our drop off locations. Deadline is December 7th, 2015  

Once collected, coats will be distributed free of charge through the Clause Project to the local schools in this area. 

Helping Klein ISD Schools

Through The Claus Project, we are able to give families warm coats. These families can devote their resources to other needs, such as heating their homes and buying food.